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Sleep Well Be Well

We helped Murdoch Children’s Research Institude(MCRI) with our digital coaching program to help parents manage children’s sleeping problems and reduce the moderate/severe child sleep problems by 43%.

Sleep plays an important role in our daily lives and nowhere is this more important than in the development of healthy children. Child behavioural sleep problems (such as problems getting to sleep or waking up at night) has adverse impacts on mental health, quality of life and learning. These behavioural sleep problems affect up to 30% of typically developing children, and 70% of children with neurodevelopment disorders such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.


The challenge for WeGuide was - how can child behavioural sleep problems be managed by parents and trained health professionals from home? Parents and health professionals find difficulty in identifying and treating child behavioural sleep problems, usually requiring further input from specialists sleep services.

To add to this already heightened issue - early prevention and management methods from sleep disorder clinics are effective, but often have waiting lists anywhere from 6-12 months!


The WeGuide looked to integrate evidence-based strategies into a mobile app. MCRI’s Sleep Well Be Well (SWBW) team outlined a digital coaching program for parents to up-skill them in managing sleep problems in children aged 3-13 years. The SWBW native mobile app was co-designed alongside the WeGuide team, integrating evidence-based strategies that help parents and professionals manage problems earlier through instructional animations, tasks, videos and case studies.

WeGuide’s implementation partner Curve Tomorrow worked with the SWBW team to understand exactly what was required for this digital therapeutic through UX workshops and consultation. These insights were then translated into functional requirements to configure the platform to suit the needs of the study.

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“The WeGuide trial has provided staff with a practical, easy to use tool they can use to record daily temperature and symptoms of COVID-19. For staff working in high risk areas, receiving daily reminders and alerts provides peace of mind and reassurance that their health and wellbeing is being monitored.”
Kate Cranwell
Manager, Respiratory Assessment Center
The results
The team managed to build out a successful native app that has been downloaded and used by hundreds of patients in a successful clinical trial. At follow up, care givers reported improved sleep patterns, temperaments and their own mental health gains.
84.6 → 40.7%
Significantly fewer moderate/severe child sleep problems were reported
Better sleep
Improved problem child sleep patterns were observed, as were better temperaments
Mental health
Caregivers noted their own significant mental health improvements
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