Western Health

COVID-19 Staff Monitoring

A remote monitoring platform that allows virtual screening of staff using validated questionnaires.


COVID-19 Burden on the healthcare system


As COVID-19 cases grew exponentially, the fear of limited resources became an issue, placing greater pressure on the healthcare system.


Health professionals and staff were at a higher risk of exposure to the virus, given their work on the frontlines.


Western Health was aware of this problem, and approached WeGuide for a digital solution to easily and effectively screen their staff for COVID symptoms.

The Challenge

How do we take care of those who care for us?

These were the main challenges Western Health faced:

Remote Monitoring
How can we track the health of staff at work and at home and escalate / triage if required?

How do we provide information and targeted advice to staff with COVID symptoms?

Proactive Monitoring
How do we manage a large cohort of staff to see how symptoms evolve and identify clusters of infection?

Our Solution

Implementing a digital COVID-19 staff screening program within a public health system
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WeGuide's expertise in the field lead to a solution that features:

Remote Monitoring
Staff could self-enrol or be bulk enrolled into the COVID-19 program through a native mobile and web app.

Regular Check-In
Questionnaires based on the latest WHO guidelines were provided frequently with reminders and alerts.

Monitoring at an Individual Level
View symptom trends and send relevant instructions, information and notification to coordinators.

Monitoring at a Group Level
Tracking dashboard provides status of all staff to track survey participation and highlight those at high risk.


WeGuide’s platform effectively and efficiently reduced operational burden and improved clinical care within Western Health. Highlights of this digital solution includes:
  • Over 200 healthcare workers enrolled with remote data collection
  • Automated alerts of at-risk staff, allowing clinicians to remotely triage
  • Providing coordinators key data of staff health for improved resource planning

Additionally, the app supported staff working in high risk wards, such as intensive care unit and emergency department.

Western Health respiratory experts assisted in improving the COVID-19 staff monitoring platform, contributing to positive feedback from staff.

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