Use Cases

Ready to take your patient engagement to the next level?
Find out how WeGuide can help your field of expertise


Better engaged participants, better study outcomes
WeGuide seamlessly collects data from your study or trial remotely. Backed by a world class EDC, we'll make sure your patients stay engaged for improved data quality.


The Digital Companion for your treatment or therapy
Use our digital therapeutics platform to support patients with their treatment protocols.
Evidence based behaviour change leading to greater efficiency and better data to improve patient outcomes.


Give your patients a voice and your clinicians a way to harness it
Improve outcomes by capturing PROMs and PREMs data from your patients. Clinicians can analyse data on a patient by patient basis, while management can use clinic, department or hospital wide data to efficiently allocate efforts.


Ensuring better quality healthcare during COVID-19
Focus on your patients and medical staff during COVID-19 through WeGuide’s tracking and monitoring platform. Data can be used by clinicians to analyse at risk patients and support management to efficiently allocate efforts