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New mums know better than anyone how stressful it can be when little kids get sick. The Aerial Temperature Checker app was designed to complement a research study being undertaken collaboratively by Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Children's Hospital, Origins Project and Joondalup Health Campus. The aim of the study was to track the incidence of respiratory viruses in babies, with a focus on recruiting mums in pregnancy and following them through to when their children reach 3-5 years of age. 


The goal of the study was to track every time a child became sick with a respiratory virus. Historically, this was done with pen and paper in conjunction with a regular phone call from a clinician. Of course, the effectiveness of such a method is spotty at best, as many researchers will well know! Participants advised that they would likely forget to jot down results using pen and paper and that they weren’t interested in receiving/sending text messages. 

There was something they confirmed they would use however - an app. The problem? The grant funding for the study didn’t include any budget for an app! Enter: WeGuide. Not only was WeGuide able to provide a simple and seamless method for app setup, we were able to get it up and running incredibly quickly.


The WeGuide solution was a simple one. We armed each mother with an app - the Aerial Temperature Checker App - and a thermometer they could use to input data daily.  If a temperature registered as high, the study team would be  alerted immediately to initiate follow up.

The onset of COVID-19 also meant changes needed to made to the backend - but due to the simplicity of the WeGuide platform, these were able to be re-calibrated and rolled out quickly. For the research team, data ownership was another pressing issue, as ethically, all data needed to be owned by TKI. The WeGuide solution enabled this level of control and privacy, by meeting the regulatory requirements that TKI had in the arena of data sovereignty.

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WeGuide has been brilliant, it made the whole process so easy. The team have supported us not only by building an amazing app but also by making it affordable for a research study - the entire experience has been amazing.
Liz Starcevich
Research Study Co-Ordinator
The Results
The Aerial App was intended as a tool to track respiratory sickness in babies but has since evolved into a unique force for good in the lives of new mothers participating in the trial. Rather than view their participation as a chore, mothers have incredibly high engagement and satisfaction levels regarding the app as it helps them to care for their kids as well as to check for COVID. With an ambitious goal to recruit 400 families, the TKI team were incredibly pleased to report that 97% were recruited in 18 months, which was a huge win for the research team. Engagement rates are also incredibly high with 80% of families using the app on a daily basis,
Positive tests
79% of alerts lead to a viral swab, and of the swabs taken, 68% lead to positive test
Daily usage
80% of families used the app daily
High engagement
97% of families who registered are regularly using the app
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A digital app to track daily symptoms from over 6000 trial participants across the world for the BCG COVID-19 Vaccine trial. WeGuide created this app in 3 weeks.